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Nice welcome. (Aug 1, 2015) read more

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Eight thousand workers toiled for years to build the army of terra-cotta warriors. By order of the Emperor. Who wanted an army to guard him and his treasures in the afterlife. The faces of each warrior are individualistic. Who were … read more

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The Mountains of Hua Shan

(July 25, 2015) One in seven humans claim Chinese nationality. That’s a lot of folks. Most of them seem to prefer to congregate in an eastern population belt. Which we had been making our way through. Some byproducts. Crowds. Think … read more

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Buried Things

(July 18, 2015) Some of the 9000 soldiers meant to be the Emperor’s army in the afterlife. Their wood weapons long ago rotted away. Discovered by a farmer when he drilled a well in 1974. Each face distinctly modeled on … read more



(7/21/2015) The Chinese have been around a couple of thousand more years than the country that issued my passport. There is something like 40,000 characters in Mandarin Chinese. That’s a lot of complexity to convey to a simpler bunch. But … read more

Dinner by Finger

Dining in China – The Art of the Meal

(7/21/2015) The art of the meal. When hunger calls in the dark hopefully the night market answers. Most towns have them. Centrally. Hundreds of food carts pursue the call of the free-market. Behind them, day jobs forgotten, are the chefs … read more