Night Court

I interview the prisoner, enter their data into the computer and make a decision about bail. The computer then prints out the relevant paperwork.

On one particularly frustrating graveyard shift, the computer was acting up. For some cosmic reason there was a ten-minute delay between when my decision was entered and the printer began printing.

With this in mind, I called for the next prisoner. The officer brought a young man charged with a serious crime. The interview went fine and I made my decision. I then leaned back in my chair, it was three a.m. after all, and stared up at the ceiling knowing about the wait to come. The officer did the same.

After some time, the young man quietly said, “Can I ask a question?” “Sure,” I said, “What are you waiting for,” he asked, “Divine intervention,” I replied. The young man slowly rolled his eyes toward the ceiling to wait. About that time, the printer kicked on and the paperwork began to print out.

“What did he say?” the young man nervously asked. “Sorry, hold without bond,” I relied. “Oh man, I knew I shouldn’t have stopped going to church!” he said. I then explained to the young man about the computer problem and we all had a good laugh, despite his unfortunate situation.

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