Encouragement from the kids of Escuela Verde

Wrap Up and a Call for Action

Steve moves up and over a pass on his 2013 hike from Mexico to Canada via the PCT

Steve moves up and over a pass on his 2013 hike from Mexico to Canada via the PCT

Well it’s been a week since I finished the trail. I’m back in civilization kind of. Celebrated my 50th in Vancouver as envisioned. And not. Orbit was there as were a bunch of others that were unexpected. They turned the evening/morning unpredictable and outrageously fun. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Orbit is now back in New York. The boys are still plugging away on the trail. And I find myself in Seattle getting ready to catch up with an old friend. Then back to Costa Rica. Emotionally I’m very glad to be off the trail. As are my knees and feet. At the same time there is a sadness. I miss purpose driven days. The constant push toward a far-off day. And I miss the members of my club. A city is a disconnected place and I am aware of that. To duck back into the forest and keep going an active urge. But as always, onto the next.

My thanks to all of you readers who came along for the hike. It was gratifying to know there was interest in what I had to write. My apologies for the challenges presented by my off kilter style and atrocious grammar. I’m glad you were able to wade through it for the most part. As to responding to comments, I fell behind on that but am trying to catch up. Unfortunately there is a computer glitch that is preventing me from responding. Cirina is working on that.

A mild suggestion and probably out of line. But here goes. Near the end of the hike I came to this thought. If you can, find private greatness in your life by achieving something significant. Something that is meaningful to you and can only be reached with applied struggle. It can be physical or nonphysical. Public knowledge or private. Just a goal that you have to bust your ass over time to get to. When you pull it off it’s yours forever. It can’t be taken away. The source of a smile in hard times. Your own life prestige.

Encouragement from the kids of Escuela Verde

Encouragement from the kids of Escuela Verde

Finally I wrote this blog to raise funds for Escuela Verde in Costa Rica. If you enjoyed it, and can find it in your heart, please make a donation to the school. However small. 100% will go towards the operation of the school and your karma will soar. Thanks again to Carpenter Zuckerman and Rowley for their continued support throughout the hike. And more thanks to Cirina for making a bunch of scribblings into a blog.

Have a great and important life one and all.

Steve Halteman
Hiked the Pacific Crest Trail – the PCT – in 2013
For the Kids of Escuela Verde

If you’d like to help out and donate, please click here!

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6 comments on “Wrap Up and a Call for Action

  1. Congrats Mae. Hadn’t read for a while and thought about you today. I figured you should be about done. From the looks of the beard you should fit right in on the Costa Ballena. Hope I see your pretty face when i show up down there after the first of the year. Pura Vida. Jay

    PS you are still my hero.

    • Why thank you Jay, I believe we are about due for a good sit down and a few beers. There’s a lot of catching up to do. I should be around, and will satisfy mutual curiosities. Until then.

  2. Congratulations on survivng. I’ve enjoyed watching the hike and I am looking forward to the next one! Oh, and guess its finally time to change your voice mail message :)

    • Thanks Brenna. Although I don’t think there’s a need to change the message. Once you’ve hiked the PCT, you’re always a part of it. And there’s a certain quality of music to the message that I like.

  3. Steve, I must say, your “off kilter style” and “atrocious grammer” is what made your stories so interesting! Your next project is to put your daily blogs into a book so we don’t have to kill a hundred trees printing them out to read again later when we need some motivation…

    Escuela Verde deserves another donation or two for your hard work and dedication…it’s on the way.

    • Thanks again Wayne for all your support. From the first hitchiked ride until the last day of the hike as well as your donations. I’ll be in touch consulting wise for your PCT hike. And am considering a book angle. Take care.