Day 125 – Greyhound to Vancouver

Awoke feeling like I was back in Yosemite. Covered in mosquito bites. Should have set up my tent. So much for civilization. Wandered over to breakfast at the only restaurant going. Poetically our server was one of the “hiker trash” comment women. She was hilarious. Raised in Barcelona, she had picked up hillbilly Canadian English from her live-in boyfriend. She brought us fresh picked fruit and refused payment for breakfast. What a sweetheart and what a welcome.

Back to the hotel for a final stuffing of the packs. Then aboard a Greyhound for Vancouver to create our own Katahdin. There was much to celebrate and celebrate all we would. But not a step I would walk, that is what taxis are for.

Steve H.

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10 comments on “Day 125 – Greyhound to Vancouver

  1. Steve, congratulations on completing your journey ! Too bad Dudley Do Right from the RCMP was not at the border to greet you.

    • Thanks Ross. Yes I was disappointed that my Canadian friends didn’t arrange a personal Mountie escort. Maybe you can set it up for my CDT arrival. That one’s a few years off so you have plenty of warning. Cheers.

  2. Man, my mind is totally blown right now. I’m supposed to glazing over cerebellar pathways right now, but I’m pretty sure all of mine are destroyed with this news. No words of praise can do it justice, but I gotta say you did an amazing job at sharing your stories along the way.

    Hugs and Kisses

      • Amazing to finally have the time to read all the blog… I’m so happy you finished on your birthday , and thinkin back months ago when u gave up the idea , haha then all of a sudden you 2 were gone . Congrats Steve expect me in Costa Rica soon
        .. Patagonia ?!?!

        • Congratulations back at you SLaCK for starting and finishing the PCT at such a young age. Plowing through Narcissis and Goldmund now thanks to you. As to the rest, it was a hoot. Stay low my friend, as in close to the ground. I’m curious to see how you’ll end up at 25. It’s not a speech I want to deliver. Your friend, Steve

  3. Congratulations on a mission accomplished, Steve! You are an inspiration and my new hero. It has been an honor to work with you.

    • Why thank you Cirina. Really the pleasure is all my mine. without you there was no blog. First time I tried up, middle or download something and failed would have been the end of my attempt to create a blog. Credit to you for the creation.